PAHrtners Deaf Services is now accepting resumes for the Assistant Program Director for Residential Services position. This is a full-time position.

Essential job functions are the fundamental job duties of the position.  The position exists to perform the essential function(s) of the job.  In addition, there may be a limited number of employees available to perform the duty, the duty may require specialized skill/training, and there may be serious consequences if the duty is not performed.   Other job responsibilities are those duties that do not meet the essential criteria and may be performed less frequently but are required for the position.


  • Must be fluent in American Sign Language
  • Must possess an understanding of deaf culture and the issues relevant to persons with hearing loss.
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships with adults, families, multidisciplinary team members, and other personnel involved in the individuals’ behavioral program.
  • Maintain effective and professional working relationships with individuals, state and county officials, families, guardians, advocates, and other employees.
  • Must have knowledge of common behavioral disorders exhibited by adults.
  • Must have strong communication skills.
  • Must display professional appearance and demeanor.


  • Education: High School diploma or equivalency
  • Work Experience:  One (1) year experience as a Resident Advisor; OR two (2) years’ experience in the human services field working with individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health disorders
  • Other: Valid driver’s license


  • Must possess the ability to perform crisis intervention techniques, including physical redirection and guidance of potentially aggressive individuals during crisis situations.
  • Must possess the ability to react quickly and be sufficiently mobile to redirect individuals that may` be injurious to themselves or others.
  • Must be able to physically assist with evacuating individuals during emergency situations.

Ensure health needs of individuals are met by performing the following:

  • Schedule and coordinate medical, dental, psychotherapy, etc. appointments
  • Accompany and transport individuals to appointments, as necessary
  • Secure necessary documentation from medical provider and communicate recommendations to appropriate parties.
  • Encourage individuals to follow through with recommendations from medical provider; Monitor and provide support to ensure recommendations are followed.

Responsibilities related to documentation:

  • Complete required documentation (progress notes, medical logs, appointment forms, monthly/quarterly reports, incident reports, fire drill reports, behavioral data, reports, goal plan forms, etc.)
  • Ensure staff complete required documentation in an accurate and timely manner; Review and approve all progress notes, as assigned.
  • Ensure the documentation is submitted by the designated day each month: medication logs, data sheets, individual specific charts, monthly/quarterly reports, motor vehicle inspections, house/staff meeting notes, medical drills, fire drills, critical issues list, cleaning task logs, bedbug checklists, bed shaker weekly checks, and other reports as required.
  • Complete service plans for individuals in CRR programs when required.
  • Coordinate with Program Specialist in developing, updating, monitoring, and implementing individuals’ annual individual service plan.
  • Administer and document medication as prescribed and adhere to procedures outlined in the Medication Policy.
  • Ensure that daily plans are communicated to employees on each shift.
  • Ensure and assist with maintaining the interior and exterior of the home and in a clean, safe and secure manner.  Report safety concerns in a timely manner.
  • Provide on-call support coverage, as scheduled.
  • Assist with weekly menu planning and shopping, including food, personal items, household items, etc., and ensure all money transfers are accurate before submitting to office.
  • Collaborate with program management to ensure that sites adhere to state licensing, county regulations, accrediting guidelines.
  • Conducting oneself in adherence to the principles of Everyday Lives – Choice, Control, Stability, safety, Individuality, Relationship, Freedom, Success, Contributing to the Community, Accountability, Mentoring, Collaboration, and Community Integration.
  • Work with Cash Office on individual budgets and establishing food shopping schedule for assigned homes.
  • Collaborate with House Coordinator to schedule/conduct fire by the designated day each month.
  • Inform Program Director and/or on-call supervisor of any unusual situations concerning individuals, staff and the program in general.
  • Conduct supervision sessions with House Coordinator and staff meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Collaborate with the Program Director on interviewing, hiring, orientation, and training and performance evaluation of Residential Support Coaches.
  • Manage performance issues through implementation of disciplinary measures; Consult with program management and/or a member of the Human Resources Department for assistance.
  • Attend required meetings, conferences, and training sessions.
  • Participate on various committees or with special projects to further the goals and objectives of the program/company.
  • Travel to other program locations as necessary.
  • Perform all job responsibilities in a safe manner and adhere to safety practices and standards established by the company.
  • Adhere to the Exposure Control Plan and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by the task being performed.
  • Maintain individual confidentiality in accordance with company policy and HIPAA Privacy Rule regulations.
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures.
  • Attend and successfully complete all trainings and supervision sessions as directed; Complete a minimum of 40 hours of specified company-approved training annually.
  • Complete and submit documentation of time worked accurately and in a timely manner.

At PAHrtners Deaf Services we are committed to our employees. We provide great benefits, on-going training, opportunities for advancement and an environment of incredible teamwork and mutual support where ASL is the primary language and Deaf-friendly technology is standard.

Have questions?  Need help with your application?  Contact:
Glenside: VP: 215-392-2425; V:215-884-9770
Moon: VP: 412-927-4058; V: 724-457-0384